Knowledge + Service

Bible knowledge has sometimes been stressed over service but the two go hand in hand. One without the other is dead. You can know all about God but no matter how much you study, memorize, or even teach you don’t really know God until you respond with your heart through loving service. How many times […]

Preaching Blooper Video

This is just priceless. You just have to love how surprised he was at what he said and how he attempts to recover from it. Have a look. (HT: Daniel Cherry for pointing this out to me a couple of years ago)

The Simplicity of the Gospel (Acts 8:26ff)

I love the story of Philip and the Ethiopian in Acts 8. There is so much we can learn about God’s willingness to prepare people for the gospel of Christ. Philip follows the direction of the angel. The Ethiopian had been worshiping in Jerusalem and is now reading from Isaiah 53 when Philip walks up […]