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But What Is Your Perspective?

Post-modernism has given us the blessing and the curse of considering things from a multiplicity of perspectives. It is a true blessing to be able to step out of one’s own shoes and attempt to understand things from a different position. That is something we should attempt to do and often the result is a healthier, more robust set of beliefs than settling in on what you have believed without really considering other options.

It also comes with a weakness or a cost and that is the inability to settle in on conclusions. You can get so wrapped up in considering things from so many other potential positions and perspectives that it locks you into tentativeness…never finding a definite landing place because there are always more things to consider…more information to gather…and other people to consider.

At the end of the day we need to consider other perspectives but we also need to not be afraid to value our own perspective and the conclusions we reach because of our unique perspective. Only you are you and there is value in your perspective. So don’t be afraid to come to conclusions. Don’t be afraid to know what you believe. Understand that is defining that you are by default recognizing that dozens, even hundreds of other perspectives would potentially conflict with your position but that doesn’t make it wrong.

From a biblical perspective, imagine David taking Goliath’s perspective on things. What a sensitive thing to do! Wouldn’t this make him far more likely to consider his conclusion of confronting Goliath in the name of the Lord quite a bit more tentative? Our sensitivities can be our worst enemies. That doesn’t mean we reserve the right to run over people. It does mean that not all perspectives will take us to the right conclusion instead, only to confusion.

This example reminds us that there is one “other” perspective that truly does matter and trumps all the others…even our own…and that is God’s perspective. The good news is, His perspective doesn’t shift and change based on a multiplicity of circumstances and variables. We cannot read the mind of God but we can discern what is holy and right…what is morally good and what is morally corrupt and we can act accordingly. This is the One perspective that will keep us living as we should and should be considered each and every time we have a decision to make, a view to take, or a thing to do.

Regaining Our Certainty in Churches of Christ

We used to be a certain bunch. We were certain about pretty much everything. We were certain about our doctrine. We were certain about our identity. We had things locked down tight to a fault. Part of this had to do with a backwards hermeneutic that was self-perpetuating of our pre-determined conclusions that always guaranteedContinue Reading

Hurt by Chap Clark

Have any of you read “Hurt” by Chap Clark? Our youth minister has highly recommended that I read this book and has laid out the premise of it for me. Then I was speaking with another youth minister who also mentioned this book and how powerful it is in understanding today’s adolescent culture. From whatContinue Reading

Postmodernism and the Death of Political Parties

I think the two party system will be dead in twenty years and replaced by something that better reflects the worldview of today’s Americans. There are several characteristics of our culture that lead me to that conclusion: Postmoderns aren’t concerned for clear-cut and well defined groups that have to fit a particular mold. They areContinue Reading

The Information to Transformation Shift

I really enjoy consuming information. Missy is always asking me how I know about all kinds of random things. Usually I don’t know how or why I know about it, I just do. On the flip side I have a hard remembering conversations. Missy will ask me what someone said about something. She wants toContinue Reading

The Problem With Culturally Defined Truth

A few things that were once considered culturally acceptable by various groups: Slavery The Crusades Killing infants by exposure (leaving them to die) Murdering Jews Segregation The list could go a lot further than that but the point is, at some point in time there were large groups of people found these things socially andContinue Reading

What Was the Colossian Heresy and What Can We Learn from it?

In comments on the last post Philip mentioned Milton Jones’ interpretation of the Colossian heresy as something comparable to post-modernism. I have a great level of respect for Milton Jones. I haven’t read his book (that Philip linked to in his comment) but I did think this would be an interesting point to respond toContinue Reading

What to Expect in the Future of the Church

Here are a couple of things I think will be the topics of discussion in coming years. Feel free in the comments to agree, disagree, or add your own. Evangelism of the unchurched rather than reaching those in denominations. There will be a shift from debating those from different Christian groups to reaching people whoContinue Reading

Wake Up Call on Evangelism

I am starting to see a parallel between the last 100+ years of evangelism and Acts 1:8. In Acts 1:8 Jesus tells his disciples that they will be witnesses in Jerusalem – Judea – Samaria – and the ends of the earth. The last 100 or so years of church growth has been a lotContinue Reading

Still Wrapping My Modern Head Around Post-Modernism

Here is a nice little summary statement that I came up with in trying to wrap my tiny brain around post-modernism: Modern – want to know it is right before they can feel a part of it. Post-modern – want to feel a part before they can know it is right. Any thoughts?


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