Bound and Determined – Jeanene Reese

One of the most important issues in the church in the next 10 years is women’s roles. One of the newest books dealing with that issue is about to be released by Leafwood press next month is called Bound and Determined. Jeanene Reese, wife of ACU’s Jack Reese, lends her voice to the conversation. This […]

Groundrules for Discussing Women’s Roles in Church

“At the outset not much can be said with certainty on the matter, but it can be said with confidence that the topic of women in the church is complex, volatile, and unavoidable.” – Carroll Osborne Any time you have a discussion on these issues they have to be done with a couple of ground […]

Women’s Roles

Please pray for me as we discuss women’s roles in our class tomorrow morning! There is just no way to teach that in a way that makes everyone happy and hard to teach in a way that is true to the text. So, so complicated. Pray that I can explain things appropriately and give the […]