God’s Desire for Christian Unity

The problem I run across the most in the letters of the New Testament seems to be unity in the early church. The newly established and multi-racial church of the first century really struggled with overcoming social, religious, and ethnic boundary markers in order to have full unity and acceptance of one another. Why is […]

Romans 14 – Dealing With Those Who Differ in Doctrine

I am convinced if we all followed the principles laid out by Paul in Romans 14 that divisions in the church would be held to a minimum. In Paul’s discussion of the weak and the strong in their faith he unpacks some information that get our heats in the right place when it comes to […]

The Secret to Christian Unity

In 1985 it was estimated that there were 22,000 Christian denominations with 5 new ones forming each week. If those numbers held true we should be at about 28,000 today. I am not sure how those numbers were arrived at or what constituted one church being different from another to count as separate denominations but […]