Francis Chan to Keynote at 2013 Tulsa Workshop

News from Shane Coffman that Francis Chan will be keynoting the 2013 Tulsa Workshop Thursday evening and Friday morning. Thanks Shane, Terry Rush and all the rest who do such a fantastic job providing a quality workshop. Special thanks to Wes Woodell for going the extra mile to facilitate this. If you are going to […]

Handout for My Classes at the Tulsa Workshop

Did you ever have that teacher in school who would put a piece of paper over the overhead lens so you couldn’t see all the notes at once? That drove me crazy! Here is a link to the handouts for my three classes at Tulsa. Originally it was going to be 20 pages but I […]

Ready to Roll on Tulsa

I am just tweaking up my third class for Tulsa and I can’t wait. I am teaching on ministry to 20s & 30s and will cover several things including but not limited to: Why the 20s leaving the church this has become the behemoth of a problem it is How the generation gap formed and […]

Tulsa Workshop 2012

Anyone going to the Tulsa workshop this month? I am going to be doing three classes, back-to-back on ministry to young adults starting Friday at 2:00 with Q & A at the end. If this is of interest to you please come to the classes. They will be practical with handouts to take home. The […]

The Best Sermon on The Prodigal Son That I Have Ever Heard

If you like good preaching and want to hear the best sermon on the Parable of the Prodigal Son(s) that I have ever heard go to the Tulsa Workshop order page and purchase Rick Atchley’s sermon from the Tulsa Workshop 2010. It is phenomenal. The first few minutes made me think this was going to […]