Hope in Something Greater Than the Stock Market

I can proudly say that I have hope in something greater than the stock market. It isn’t fun watching your Roth IRA go in the toilet even though you invest in solid companies with great fundamentals and cash reserves. This is a great learning opportunity for me and is a daily reminder that the value […]

Stock Pick of the Day – AAPL

I don’t normally talk finances here but with the markets in a downward spiral it has really left some great deals on the table. One of those is Apple (AAPL). Their cash flow is phenomenal. Their marketshare is increasing/taking from PC. They have a diverse product line of innovative products. The current price is at […]

Yahoo Finance Now Offers Live Stock Quotes

Thank you Yahoo for blazing the trail. Google has not even caught up on this one. Here is the link – just type in the symbol you are interested in and it gives you the live streaming quote at the top and that 15 minute delayed quote lower down the page. A little off topic […]