How Accurate is Alexa? The Stats Don’t Lie

After gathering monthly stats on 40+ blogs and comparing their online ranking by various tools (Alexa, google reader, Quantcast, etc) to actual page views, I wanted to take a few posts to put the data out there on how accurately some of these online tools actually rank sites. Alexa is a site that is designed […]

Now Offering Statistics Help for Doctoral Candidates and Dissertations

Over the last several months I have started offering help with statistics and research design for people who are working on their dissertation. Often people are severely under-equipped for doing the statistical analysis for their doctorate. Many programs only require a small handful of stats courses and very little by way of research design. Now […]

Ever Wonder Why More People Don’t Leave Comments?

I often wonder why more people don’t comment. When you see four hundred people come by in a day and see three or four comments you wonder what the other 397 people were doing and what they were thinking. Using WordPress’ summary numbers for September I did a comparison of comments to pageviews to see […]