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Southern Baptist Convention Puts Out a Report on Calvinism in the SBC

Here is a link to Christianity Today’s article on it. The article has the full text of their report ” Will New Calvinism Report Calm Tensions among Southern Baptists? This is a plea for unity without uniformity. It is also a plea to not let the SBC be dominated and directed exclusively by either sideContinue Reading

US Army Blocks Southern Baptist Convention Website

I got an email today from the American Family Association saying that the Army had blocked the Southern Baptist Convention website calling it, “just another example of the Christian faith coming under attack in the military.” I hate to say it but I think being attacked by the US military would look considerably different thanContinue Reading

The Sinner’s Prayer is Making the Rounds

I am seeing more and more blogs discussing the sinner’s prayer these days. There is this saying in the Churches of Christ that says we are usually about 20 years behind what other churches are doing. In this instance it seems they are 200 years behind us! I kid when I say that because itContinue Reading


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