How Does Your Congregation Introduce New Songs?

I am curious how the congregation where you worship introduces new songs. It is difficult to sing a brand new song on Sunday morning that no one knows. I am guessing that most either try it that way or else have a small group of people learn the song first (praise team or otherwise) that […]

What Do These Songs Mean?

I remember it like it was yesterday…worship was about to begin and a young man probably 20 years old sat down next to me. He told me it was his first time at church in his entire life. That morning worship was different to my eyes and ears. Instead of just singing through the songs, […]

Liberian singers sing Kuo

Thanks to Mike T. for sharing this with me. The song is supposed to go something like this: Kuo- The devil is a liar Chorus the devil can fool you the devil is a liar and he will take you to hell if you are not careful 1st lead During the time of the war […]

Ripening Issues in the Church of Christ – Dissatisfaction with Worship

One of the predominant messages of Gulfcoast Getaway 2008 was that our college students are dissatisfied with worship in their local congregations. The root cause of this is believed to be an aging leadership with a different taste for worship, song selection, and atmosphere. Pair that with high octane instrumental Christian music on the radio […]