The False Illusion of Being in Control

One of the moments in my life where I was the most scared by my lack of being able to control the outcome was during the birth of Jonah. He was born via emergency c-section due to complications during delivery. The 5-7 minutes I spent waiting outside the operating room doors was agonizing. Would Missy […]

Gospel of John 12 – Jesus Anointed at Bethany

One thing I never realized about this story was that Bethany literally means, “House of the poor”. That possibly makes the events of this story so much more meaningful. If Mary, Martha, and Lazarus are not very well to do, this magnifies the sacrifice of an already costly gift. This makes even more sense of […]

Understanding God’s Will for Your Life

In Reggie McNeal’s book A Work of Heart he makes this statement about being called, The call is a mystery. It begins and ends with God, but it loops through a very human individual. It is personal, yet bigger than the person. The call comes out of who we are as well as shaping who […]