Spiritual Growth 2008 in the Books

What a great experience in Orlando! I got to meet so many great people and hear some really powerful lessons and classes. I was able to meet Tim Archer, Jeanne M, Jason Goldtrap, Jim Miller, Flavil Yeakley, and a plethora of other folks. I was able to reconnect with Bob Bliss, Bill Williams, Eddie Randolf, […]

Show Us Where You Work

I have been tagged by Mick Wright who is a good friend of mine from Memphis. This meme is to take a picture of the place you do most of your work and post it on your blog then tag 5 people. I guess the picture from the beach last Sunday doesn’t count so I […]

Storms, Grasshoppers, Shells and the Power of God

Here are a couple of pictures from the last couple of weeks. They all remind me of the power of God in different ways. The first picture is of a storm that was coming down our street. There was a huge hole in the dark clouds with a bright cumulo-nimbus cloud rising above it into […]

Pictures from the Week

Here are some flowers for my sweetheart’s birthday… Here is the palm tree behind our house and a baby palm tree that sprouted under it… This mug always makes me laugh. It was for Harding’s education program but a few letters and parts of letters strategically fell off over time…