Oprah and New Earth New Age Movement

Does this new thing Oprah is doing worry anyone beside myself? The message I have gotten from it so far is, You are the standard. You are the authority. Listen to yourself. Do your thing. I don’t know about you but I have listened to myself plenty of times and gotten it wrong. That just […]

The Gospel According to Oprah

Milton Stanley linked to this post a few days ago and referenced it as “The Gospel According to Oprah.” I appreciate his link and want to point out this video from Godtube. Very postmodern. This is a little dated but I doubt she would say much different today. I could be wrong.

Oprah Show and Pornography

Yesterday’s Oprah show had the results of an online poll from Oprah.com showed that 50% of respondents felt pornography had affected their sex lives and 72% said the effect had been a positive one. Something tells me the sample of respondents was not very representative of the general population. The show was pushing to re-label […]