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Multi-Generational Q & A Audio

Our theme at Northwest this year is “Bridging the Generations”. On Summer Sunday nights we have been doing Question & Answer sessions with various age groups within the congregation. It has been such a blessing to listen as each group shares their wisdom. Each group was made up of 4 people from within a specificContinue Reading

Mac vs Pc Spoof We Did For Connect

Here is a video Joel and I did to plug our upcoming involvement event – Connect. Joel did a great job putting this together!Continue Reading

Northwest Church of Christ – New Website

We have revamped our church website. Please stop by and have a look. The design was done by our youth minister Joel Singleton and the content (and a tiny, tiny bit of design) was done by me. Feel free to have a look. Make suggestions here. There are several formatting issues that we are workingContinue Reading

Keith Lancaster Praise and Harmony Workshop – Northwest Church of Christ

We had a tremendous weekend of singing and learning how to improve our worship. You will probably not meet two more gracious people than Keith and Sharon Lancaster. Their graciousness was only matched by their ability to draw out of people singing that is from the heart. We had a great singing on Saturday evening.Continue Reading

Keith Lancaster Praise and Harmony Worship Workshop – Northwest Church of Christ

We are looking forward to a great weekend of worship at Northwest. Keith Lancaster will be doing on of his Praise & Harmony Worship Seminars from February 23-24. This will be a great time of worship and renewal as we praise God together. I have heard great things from other churches about his workshops andContinue Reading


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