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Jonathan Storment’s Christian View of Work & Some Free Audio

Jonathan Storment’s post “God at Work: Mission Work” is something you guys should go and read. He has some really great reflections on the theology of work and retirement. Here is an excerpt, It’s interesting that the Bible doesn’t have this idea of retirement. Instead the Bible has the idea of Sabbath. That is youContinue Reading

My Article in New Wineskins

In case you missed it…the current issues of New Wineskins is on “Beyond the Institution.” There are some really good articles this month that I would encourage you to read. You can find those here. If you want to read my contribution to this month’s issue you can read that here – Institutional or Organic?Continue Reading

New Wineskins February Edition – Fellowship: Who’s In, Who’s Out and Who Decides

New Wineskins has posted the February edition and it is all about lines of fellowship. It is a very interesting and somewhat controversial topic. There are articles from Al Maxey, Jonathan Storment, Keith Brenton, Jay Guin, Adam Gonnerman, Brian Mashburn, Gary Holloway, & Royce Ogle. If this topic interests you, you will want to readContinue Reading

Danny Corbitt in New Wineskins on Instrumental Music

The latest issue of New Wineskins magazine highlights the issue of instrumental music. Danny Corbitt brought my attention to his article and I wanted to provide a link to it here. There are several other articles in this issue that are worth reading. Thanks to Mark, however, for pointing out how one-sided this issue ofContinue Reading

New Wineskins Magazine Now Free

Thank you to Keith Brenton for mentioning this. I look forward to being enriched by such a generous move. Here is their website. Thanks also to Greg Taylor.Continue Reading


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