How Money Shapes Our Definition of Church and Ministry

I recently ran across this statement in a book on equipping young ministers and it caught me off guard, “When one realizes that money is crucial to being able to┬áconduct effective ministry, the number of dollars becomes important.” What would happen to the church if the church had no money? The most noticeable thing that […]

The Responsibility Vaccuum

Yahoo finance ran a piece on how home owners facing foreclosure are sitting on their homes, paying nothing for over a year and saving up their payments. With so many homes in foreclosure it often takes the banks and the courts as many as 500+ days to get people out of their homes and complete […]

Sex and Money

These are… Two topics the world talks about the most Two topics you rarely hear discussed in church (at least in Churches of Christ…for fear of being “like the denominations”) Two of the most argued about topics in marriage Two topics that are at the center of a high percentage of divorces One topic that […]

Craig Ford on Why Christians Need to Talk About Money More

This post is by Craig Ford on Christians and Personal Finance. Craig is a friend of mine and has a lot to offer in this area. Craig is a missionary in Alotau, Papua New Guinea. His years of ministry experience has provided valuable insight for helping Christians deal with their personal finances from a Biblical […]