Romans 8 Greek Wordle

I left out the articles, conjunctions, etc to help the main themes of Romans 8 stand out better. Here are some of the Greek wordles posted on the blog in the past: John 3 John 1:1-18

Barbarians in the New Testament

It is not too often I laugh out loud at something I find while studying a passage. In Romans 1:14 Paul provides us a chuckle when he writes, “I am obligated both to Greeks and non-Greeks, both to the wise and the foolish.” The word non-Greeks is the Greek word “Barbarois” where we get the […]

Sin, Aristotle, and the Tragic Hero

Ryken gives an interesting observation about sin in his book How to Read the Bible as Literature. It is in the context of discussing tragic heroes who, in spite of their great ability, fall due to a character flaw. “Ordinarily a tragic hero possesses something that we call greatness of spirit. All of this grandeur […]

How to Use Greek and Hebrew Fonts When Blogging

Tyndale has a nice set of Unicode fonts that you can download with instructions at this link. This converts your keyboard into having Greek and Hebrew fonts. There is a little keyboard icon next to the microphone icon on that thin blue bar in windows. I keep mine to the left hand side and auto […]