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Logos Is Giving Away “Brothers, We Are Not Professionals” by John Piper

For those who are interested, Logos is giving away “Brothers, We Are Not Professionals” by John Piper for Pastor Appreciation Month. The promo code is PAM2013. I find it ironic that for Pastor appreciation month Logos gives away a book telling pastors that they aren’t professionals 🙂 No, Piper’s point is that the secularization ofContinue Reading

A Holy Ambition – Free to download at logos.com

Continue Reading

Thoughts from Greg Boyd, who actually read Rob Bell’s New Book Love Wins

Thanks to Luke Norsworthy for pointing out this post on facebook. Maybe next time they will give advance copies to John Piper, Scot McKnight, and others…or they could just realize Philip’s point that what they produced was an amazingly powerful PR machine. Greg Boyd says that Bell is not a universalist but that the bookContinue Reading

John Piper on Abused Women

Thanks to Kathryn B for cluing me in on this one over at Mike Cope’s blog…I am dumbfounded. So if he says things that contradict God’s will she submits to God and not to him but if he slaps her around then she must endure it until she can talk to someone at a churchContinue Reading

Any John Piper Fans Out There?

I ended up with the John Piper Sermon Manuscript Library (1980-2009) and don’t really need it. It has searchable manuscripts for 1125 of Piper’s sermons and is in the Libronix/Logos digital library system so you can search it, read it, browse it, etc in style. That is over 5000 pages of sermon notes and aContinue Reading

The New Testament Scholar Two Step

Line dancing…something they can all agree on! I tossed Piper in the mix. Maybe I should do one with all the trendy young ministers. Can you imagine Driscoll and Bell dancing hip hop together? Elf Yourself – New Testament Scholar EditionContinue Reading

John Piper on What One Must Believe to Be Saved

Have a look at this video of John Piper telling what he believes one must believe to be saved. To read a transcript click here. He includes the following: Believe and confess his Lordship and his resurrection Recognition that we sin That God exists and that he created a world where sin is a possibilityContinue Reading

Pornography and Wiring the Brain with a Side Note On Video Illustrations in Preaching

David Philips has a great post on what pornography does to the brain. He goes on to draw application to ministry and the need for using more visual images in preaching. Maybe that could have made a separate post? On the flip side of Philips’ application in regard to images in preaching you have JohnContinue Reading

John Piper’s Response to President Obama Regarding Abortion

Have a look at this powerful post and video by John Piper. He makes some really good points. I sure hope someone *cough* is listening. Here is the link.Continue Reading

Christian Sermon Links

Here are the links I have compiled to 67 different Christian ministers and scholars. The majority of these are from the church of Christ and some from Christendom in general. What links would you add? Who has has helped you grow in your faith who has their sermons online? Feel free to add suggestions inContinue Reading


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