Christianity and Politics

Obama, Biden, McCain, and Palin all attend Christian churches. We tend to turn a blind eye when politicians do things for political expediency but what standard do you hold politicians to when they are also Christians? Is it fair for them to misquote the other on purpose for political expediency? Is it fair for them […]

We Can’t Afford John McCain? The Truth

I keep seeing this Obama commercial that says “We can’t afford John McCain.” That naturally made me wonder who is actually proposing more spending for the presidency. Wouldn’t it be odd if Obama said McCain can’t be afforded as a president if Obama was actually proposing more spending? I thought so. So I looked it […]

Half Truth Equals Political Lies

The Obama and McCain campaign commercials have so many half-truths in them. How many times have you heard that McCain wants to give the oil companies a 4 billion dollar tax cut? How many times have you heard that McCain is against equal wages for female workers? How many times have you heard Obama doesn’t […]

McCain – Obama Debate: Any Feedback?

In the middle of watching the debate and am curious what you all are thinking at this point? Obama is really giving off the lawyer vibe. McCain is giving the Bush chuckle. Should be an interesting four years either way you cut it. Isn’t it interesting that they are both for tax cuts, a strong […]

Faith and Campaigning for President

In light of my last post regarding Obama I want to lay out the bigger issue. Faith is larger than a campaign. Hillary claims to be a Christian. Barack claims to be a Christian. I think McCain claims to be a Christian but I am less sure there. If a politician uses their Christianity to […]