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Book Giveaway – Kingdom Come by John Mark Hicks & Bobby Valentine

Time for a book giveaway! One of those opportunities to give back to all of you who read and comment at Kingdom Living. The book is Kingdom Come: Embracing the Spiritual Legacy of David Lipscomb and James Harding by John Mark Hicks & Bobby Valentine. As many of you know Hicks and Valentine are goingContinue Reading

The Restoration Leaders Beat N.T. Wright & Emergening Church To It

John Mark Hicks recently blogged about the eschatology of the early Restoration Leaders in a post titled, “Heaven on Earth” – A Stone-Campbell Tradition” In that post Hicks quotes Lipscomb, Harding and Alexander Campbell on the restoration of creation. It seems these guys were picking up on some things that have only recently been popularizedContinue Reading

Digitizing Church of Christ Audio

I am going to be adding another page to the blog of uploaded sermons in the near future. I am in the process of digitizing cassettes and requesting the appropriate permissions to duplicate and upload this content. So far I have permission from John Mark Hicks and Jim McGuiggan. Awaiting word back from several othersContinue Reading

Top Church of Christ Blogs (July 2009)

Thanks to Jay Guin for updating the list. It is a lot of work and hadn’t been done since January. I kept this blog out of the running on the original list. I don’t like to post something if I have a horse in the race. But Jay insisted I included my blog in theContinue Reading

John Mark Hicks Has Been Very Helpful

In case you haven’t noticed, John Mark Hicks has been uploading tons of study helps to his blog. Just thought I would pass it along.Continue Reading

John Mark Hicks Has Jumped to WordPress

Here is the link. John Dobbs would be proud. Hey, maybe Bobby Valentine will jump ship next.Continue Reading


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