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Jay Guin’s Article on the Future of Progressive Churches of Christ

Thought provoking article and comments on Jay Guin’s recent article the Future of Progressive Churches of Christ. I believe part of the way forward is in us being in tune with how the timeless Gospel intersects the present times. Said another way, how are the eternal truths of the Gospel actually applied and lived outContinue Reading

Top 25 List for March 2010

Jay has just posted the Top 25 Progressive Church of Christ blogs over at his site. I would mirror all the content here. But seeing as he did the lion’s share of the work on updating this, I will link most of this over to his site. Thanks Jay for all you do… For moreContinue Reading

Ranking the Top 25 Church of Christ Blogs

Jay Guin and I will be collaborating on the compilation of Top 25 Church of Christ blogs. Below is a copy of Jay’s post regarding what he and I have agreed on represents a fair way to accurately assess blogs: “Alexa and Google are useful tools but have serious weaknesses and produce wildly inconsistent results.Continue Reading

Jay Guin’s Excellent Post on Small Group Ministry

Have a look. Pass this on to those you know who run this type of ministry. Excellent post!Continue Reading

Top Church of Christ Blogs (July 2009)

Thanks to Jay Guin for updating the list. It is a lot of work and hadn’t been done since January. I kept this blog out of the running on the original list. I don’t like to post something if I have a horse in the race. But Jay insisted I included my blog in theContinue Reading

A Couple Notes of Interest

Jay Guin has a fabulous post on CENI with some great followup comments by Edward Fudge and John Mark Hicks. If you know what CENI is then you probably want to read it. If you don’t have a clue what CENI means then move on to the next link. Imonk, Michael Spenser, has highlighted ChurchContinue Reading


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