The “Cost” of Integrity

There is a mountain in China called Mt. Hua Shan that hosts one of the most dangerous walking paths in the world. You climb all over a mountain side, holding onto a chain while walking across planks high above the mountainside. Have a look at how scary this climb looks here. Do you know what […]

Success and the Temptation to Make Integrity Malleable

When you see on the news that a bridge or building has fallen you will hear experts say it had an integrity problem somewhere within. Something just didn’t hold up. Something finally couldn’t stand the pressure any longer and it broke causing disastrous results.When something has integrity, it means it is solid. It doesn’t break […]

Confusing Transparency and Integrity

Transparency is highly valued. People hate hypocrisy. They despise people being phony. They would rather known what someone or something is really all about than something being presented falsely. But there is a difference between transparency and integrity. The two should never be confused. Transparency is seeing something for what it really is. If it […]

Erwin McManus on Integrity and Authenticity

Erwin McManus shares some thought provoking thoughts on character, integrity, and authenticity that we all should digest in his book Stand Against the Wind: Fuel for the Revolution of Your Soul. You can purchase this book for a couple bucks and it is well worth it. This quote speaks as much to the culture of […]