How to Put the Guard Spring Back in a Ryobi 10 Inch Miter Saw

After searching high and low for the answer to my question and finding very little help online, much less pictures of how to do this I thought I would post this here for anyone searching for help. I was changing the blade in my Ryobi miter saw this morning and what should have been a […]

Matt’s 20 Tips for Better Blogging

1 – Put the most important information at the top. People want to see what is new right away. Make sure the recent posts and comments lists are in an area visible when the page loads. 2- Blog with search engines in mind. Most important – your title. Next important – the first three lines […]

How to Use Google Webmaster Tools in WordPress

Google has recently started offering more information regarding how they search your site. It is quite helpful. Here is how you go about it. Go to the Google Webmaster Tools page Sign in to your Google/gmail account (If you need gmail, just email me and ask and I will send you an invite). Click “Diagnostics” […]

Has Anyone Ever Refinished a Bathtub with Epoxy?

I was going to refinish a bathtub for a lady from church tomorrow but after reading about the process online I am a little worried to try it. It sounds pretty toxic and hazardous to the lungs. Have any of you ever used epoxy on a bathtub? Any advice or expertise?