Did Bible Heroes Have Normal Days?

We get the lists of heroes of the faith like in Hebrews 11 and you might think that guys and gals in the Bible leaped from spiritual mountaintop to mountaintop. They rarely doubted but even when they did a mountaintop grew out of it as God helped them learn from it. When we doubt it […]

Once Saved Always Saved

Does it mean anything that much of the New Testament was written to Christians who were undergoing persecutions and trials and were being encouraged to stand firm, endure, and be strong in their faith? Why encourage someone to not fall away if it is impossible? The old once saved always saved argument says if someone […]

Ananias & Sapphira – A Closer Look (Acts 5)

After the earlier post on The Providence of God in Acts 1-10 I received the following email that I thought was interesting and I wanted to address it here to see if anyone had any other thoughts on the matter… Good Morning Matthew … As a “New Garment” Christian, I don’t allow myself to fall […]