Wearing Masks, Halloween and the Draw of Anonymity

Halloween is kind of creepy. I don’t find the idea of ghosts and ghouls creepy. That is obviously the pretend stuff. Pretend things are easy to brush aside. What I find creepy is when you cannot tell who someone is. We just had a Fall Festival and it was a fantastic success with hundreds of […]

I Need to Follow My Own Advice

Jonah is only 1 and doesn’t understand me yet but I still give him little bits of life wisdom. One of those nuggets of wisdom from his dad is that he has to protect his head! He is so active he manages to bump his head into just about everything. Today I was playing disc […]

Ben Witherington On Christians Celebrating Halloween

I have had several people ask me the question lately of whether or not Christians should celebrate Halloween. Why not get an answer from someone who knows what he is talking about? Here is an excerpt: Conservative Protestants might well object to the practice of Halloween on the grounds that it offers up a theology […]

Jonah’s First Halloween

They say a picture is worth a thousand…smiles? Well, let’s see how many smiles we get here. If these make you smile just leave a 🙂 in the comment section!