Mike Cope’s Series – When a Child Dies

Mike Cope has been doing a series on dealing with the death of children. If you have experienced this or know someone who would benefit from reading this please pass this along. This series is touching and has already gotten nearly 200 comments total, which speaks not only to the quality of Mike’s writing but […]

Jonathan Storment on Dealing with the Loss of Miscarriage

Jonathan shared a powerful post on experiencing the grief of miscarriage. When I read it, it reminded me of when Missy and I went through the same feelings. I thought I would share here what I shared on Jonathan’s blog. Also, it reminded me of this post that I wrote after our miscarriage in 2007 […]

A Hopeful Hankie

It is not often that I type a post with tears in my eyes but this is one time I do. As some of you know Missy and I had a miscarriage a few months back and I wanted to share a story that recently brought us a lot of joy. When we were pregnant […]