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Reminder – Google Reader Dies July 1

In case you forgot, Google reader is going away as of July 1. If you haven’t already found a new RSS reader and exported your favorites now is the time! Any tips on other readers you guys believe are exceptional that you want to pass on to the rest of us?Continue Reading

How to Change Your Firefox Address Line into a Google Search Engine

One of the things I like about Chrome is that you can just type anything you want into the address line and it “googles it” for you. Well, you can do that in firefox too. Here is how you do it (HT). 1 – Edit about:config by just typing that into your firefox address lineContinue Reading

The Internet is Showing Us What It Thinks We Need to See…Google & Facebook Algorithms are Biasing our Search Results

I ran into this concept for the first time a couple of years ago. I did a search for “small group lessons” on google and found my blog had the #1 link. I was stunned that I was first and Willow Creek was #2. But being the skeptical person that I am I did aContinue Reading

Handy Dandy Spellcheck Tip via Google toolbar

Have you ever been typing something online and wanted to know how to spell it? Instead of opening up word or going to a dictionary website, just use the search function on the google toolbar. All you have to do is start typing the word and the suggestions start popping up. 9 times out ofContinue Reading

WordPress and Google Webmaster Tools

WordPress has recently added a feature that makes using Google webmaster tools extremely easy. I had previously posted a workaround to trick google to letting you use webmaster tools in wordpress. But the kind folks at WP have now built this into the dashboard so it can be accomplished in a few easy steps (ratherContinue Reading

What Do You Get if You Google .com?

I think it is pretty ironic that this is the first result in google for the term .comContinue Reading

Microsoft Bing Off to a Fast Start…Ranked One Spot Ahead of Google France

So Bing has had a glorious debut. All the hype, all the adds. How has it done? Alexa ranks it as the 19th most visited site on the web. Microsoft is attempting to take market share from Google so I find it highly ironic that Bing just barely beat out #20 ranked Google France, Google’sContinue Reading

Google Page Rank Update

Google has updated their Page Ranks today. Thank you google for giving me my 5 back. For those who don’t know what that is, it is basically Google’s way of giving authority to a website to weigh it in the search results. The number is partially based on how many times other sites link toContinue Reading

Search Terms Other Than “Sex” That Got People Here

WordPress provides a handy list of search terms that people used to arrive at your blog. These are interesting at times and I thought I would share a few. Top 5 search terms of all time: Olympics (2,929) Small group lessons (1,008) Oreo pizza (847) the rock (826) fully rely on God (817) Pretty sadContinue Reading

Hotmail Google Fail

You would think a website like hotmail would get their google information correct. 2MB storage sounds like peanutes. They actually offer 5 gigs.Continue Reading


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