Giving: God, Jesus & Us

The more I read the New Testament the more I am convinced that God wants us to become like Jesus. I am not talking about becoming like him in his divinity. That just isn’t possible. But we are to become like Jesus in every area of our life. Just as Jesus loves God with all […]

A Generous Gift

Just before I left for Christmas one of our elderly ladies stopped by the church building with some Christmas cards for the ministers. Her health is not all that great, she has pain and doesn’t drive very many places like that. So I thought it was sweet she would make a special trip to bring […]

Babies Have So Much to Teach Us About God

Yesterday Jonah was having a tough time eating his vegetables. So I picked some up off his tray and ate them to show him how yummy they are. Thinking he would follow my lead and start to eat them I was really excited when he finally started picking up some green beans. Then he reached […]

Generosity is More Than Money

How do you treat someone in a generous way? Things not to do to be a generous person: Throw money at the problem Hope someone else will do it Figure things will work out eventually Lean on the government for their programs to help – that’s why we pay taxes, right? Figure the benevolence budget […]