Three Posts on Judging and Forgiving

Three posts went up today on judging and forgiving by three great guys. Have a read: Mike Cope – The Scarlett Letter: Dropping the Stones Rex Butts – Judging Others? Jonathan Storment – A People of Maybe

Great Thoughts from Stuff Christians Like

I often glance over at this blog and see if there is anything humorous. There is usually something that will make me chuckle. But this post made me really want to share it with others. Don’t let the title worry you, Two “F words”

Revenge and God

I am watching the Nooma video called Luggage. Bell is talking about forgiveness and revenge and it raised one really wordy and awkwardly written question for me. Do you think revenge is saying we don’t really trust God or do you think it can be more that we know he can take care of it […]

The Transformational Ministry of Christ #2

I believe it was in Jim McGuiggan’s book The God of The Towel that I came across the following point. Under the old covenant, there were things that made people unclean: touching a corpse, touching a woman on her period, contacting people with skin diseases, and various sins but Christ reversed that process. David P. […]