An Analogy for Faith in Light of My Weekend Installing Floors

As I was laying floors this past weekend I thought of a helpful analogy for putting our faith in God even when we can’t see everything God is doing. When you are laying floors it is helpful to have someone troweling glue, someone laying wood into the glue and someone outside cutting. I think our […]

What would you consider the non-negotiables of our faith?

I am curious what this group of people would consider the non-negotiables of our faith. One of the problems dealing with post-modernism is it is really easy to get swept up in a sea of doubt as things get deconstructed and our foundations get questioned. We certainly do have our traditions and one of the […]

Gospel of Mark – From Fear to Faith (4:35-5:43)

The NIV chapter break between 4 and 5 is in an unfortunate place. 4:1-34 is a distinct unit and 4:35-41 clearly fits together better with the miracles in chapter 5. There is a common theme in the four miracles in these verses. In each one people are afraid and each time Jesus points to the […]

No Longer Ordinary – John 5

In John 5 we have the story of Jesus healing a man on the Sabbath. Like we saw in John 4, Jesus does not always do things that fall in line with our expectations. Before we get to that let’s have a look at the conversation with the lame man. It starts with a condition, […]