Dan Kimball Reflects on Emerging Church

Dan Kimball is taking a few posts to reflect on Emerging Church and what has changed in his perspective over the last 5 to 7 years. What he has to say is really interesting and I thought many of you might be interested in reading his thoughts and what he thinks is down the pipe.

Dan Kimball on the Importance of Dialogue in Reaching Post-Christians

I really thought this quote from Dan Kimball hit the nail on the head, “We must cultivate a culture that allows dialogue. Evangelicals have been criticized–many times rightly so–for being dogmatic and closed-minded. For too long we have been doing all the talking, without any dialogue. We are now serving new generations that have serious […]

Churches of Christ and the Emerging Culture

As I read Dan Kimball’s book on the Emerging Church a few things stand out to me that I thought I would mention here: 1 – There is a cultural shift that is taking place and more people are unchurched in America. We are one of the largest mission fields in the world. Missionaries will […]

Dan Kimball’s Emerging Church

I have been reading up on the Emerging/Emergent church a little because I am invested in understanding and reaching out to people who have grown up with a postmodern perspective. Kimball splits this book into two halves – the first half is theoretical to help the reader understand the underlying cultural concepts that are a […]