Kicking the Can of Impractical Paradigms

I had a conversation about education with the principal of our Christian School this morning. She mentioned that well over 100 years ago our education system determined the order of certain subjects by alphabetical order. She said that is the reason they offer algebra, geometry and trigonometry in that order (and also biology, chemistry and […]

Do Church-goers Really Get Salvation? – Education

In a previous post I made the point that major points of Christian faith and doctrine are going untaught in our churches. I asked the question of whether or not church goers today really understood what salvation was really all about. The post closed with these words about education, “The only way people in the […]

Preaching – Transition from Motivating to Educating

It seems like some of the most effective preaching that is going on today is very educational. I don’t mean educational like a dry lecture from Ferris Beuller’s Day off. I mean very engaging but certainly not light on the biblical narrative or even bits and pieces of more complex theology thrown in the mix. […]

Teaching the Gospel of Mark

Our men’s class will be starting a new series on the Gospel of Mark on Wednesday. The book divides so nicely after chapter eight that I decided to try something different. I am going to take the first eight chapters and then our men will be taking the last eight chapters. This will be an […]