CBD’s #1 Selling Book Right Now – The Coming Economic Armageddon

Not a book about Jesus, God, or anything textual but a book on the current economic situation tops Christianbook.com’s book sales right now. The #1 best seller is by David Jeremiah and is called The Coming Economic Armageddon. Here is what his website says this book covers: Find answers to all the disturbing, dire financial […]

The Responsibility Vaccuum

Yahoo finance ran a piece on how home owners facing foreclosure are sitting on their homes, paying nothing for over a year and saving up their payments. With so many homes in foreclosure it often takes the banks and the courts as many as 500+ days to get people out of their homes and complete […]

Janet Tavakoli and An Analogy for Our Current Economic Situation

“The dollar is weakening partly because of growing U.S. current account deficit. The United States used to produce more than it consumes, and the rest of the world owed us. We reached a turning point in 2006 and headed in the wrong direction. We started consuming more than we produce. We now shovel $2 bilion […]

States Need to Spend Stimulus Responsibly

Did anyone else think Obama telling states they better spend their stimulus money responsibly was funny? On the federal level they can spend money on mice and tattoos…but you states better keep close watch on how you spend it. I think we have gone insane as a country. I also cannot believe how we are […]

American Tax Payers Buying Bad Loans and RISK

Is it just me or did it sound like McCain was saying the government needed to buy up the bad loans? I wonder where “the government” could get so much money from? Does the government produce any income? Does the government make payroll due to their profits? No. Taxes. So let’s say it like it […]

Hope in Something Greater Than the Stock Market

I can proudly say that I have hope in something greater than the stock market. It isn’t fun watching your Roth IRA go in the toilet even though you invest in solid companies with great fundamentals and cash reserves. This is a great learning opportunity for me and is a daily reminder that the value […]

What Would You Do With $700 Billion

Can you imagining mismanaging your small business to the point of failure. You mess up the books, don’t budget, and take major risks that don’t pan out. Your business fails and just as you are closing shop a check comes in the mail to let you know that you have been bailed out! Keep doing […]

When Times Get Tough the Bikes Get Going

Well, our two bikes are gone, stolen, snatched, pilfered, poached, rustled, purloined, robbed, swiped, taken, took, plundered. They got our goods. They got our bike booty. Bye, bye bikes. We noticed the first one went missing last week. Tonight I went out and the second bike was noticeably absent. We now have locks on our […]