Random Jonah Pics

Just thought I would share a few cute and funny pictures of Jonah. He is 14th months old now! How time flies. Most of these are from 13 months. The Dabbs family outside the Fisch’s house Jonah in his Halloween costume. Speaks for itself…so cute! No worries…toilet was not yet installed. Just thought it would […]

I Need to Follow My Own Advice

Jonah is only 1 and doesn’t understand me yet but I still give him little bits of life wisdom. One of those nuggets of wisdom from his dad is that he has to protect his head! He is so active he manages to bump his head into just about everything. Today I was playing disc […]

A Great Weekend

Not much blogging this weekend. We started it out going to Gainesville for a youth group/college reunion of people from the University City Church of Christ. Friday, got in a round of disc golf at Northside Park and shot par. Watched the Gator game in the Swamp…from the bull gator box seats, 50 yard line […]

Gators and Disc Golf Don’t Mix

I was out playing disc golf this morning at a local course. One of the interesting things in Florida is it is not unusal to see alligators in any given body lake or pond. I heard some city workers yell something about a gator in the water. The only problem was, I was chest deep […]

Disc Golf Stimulates the Economy in Austin Texas

Looks like one of the proposals in the stiumulus package is $886,000 for a 36 hole disc golf course in Austin, TX. This will create four jobs in the Austin area. While disc golf is near and dear to my heart this doesn’t sound like the best way to stimulate the economy and create jobs. […]

What is in the Garage?

Time for the answer to the poll taken earlier. If you guessed a disc golf basket (30% of the vote) you guessed right! If you guessed Ryobi tools (70% of the vote) you also guessed right! I am shocked no one guessed the 08 Corvette. Yesterday a friend of mine let me borrow his Corvette […]

Disc Golf, Resurrection, and Realizing the Possibilities

One of my favorite past-times is playing disc golf. How much better can you get than a free sport that lets you take a walk through nature while challenging yourself to improve? I played yesterday with a couple of guys who were really, really good. They play on a regular basis with the “champ” Ken […]

Do Any of You Play Disc Golf?

One of my very favorite things to do on my day off (when it really is a day off) is to play a sport called disc golf. Sometimes people call it “frisbee golf” but that doesn’t really do it justice. You aren’t just throwing some flimsy “Wham-O” piece of plastic. You are throwing state-of-the-art discs […]

Creation Sometimes has Teeth

One of my favorite past times is playing disc golf. If you have never tried it you are really missing out. I have gotten to do some interesting things with disc golf including talk with this guy who was recently on Conan O’ Brien (Conan actually does pretty well in this video) who is a […]