Dan Edelen Offers An Interesting Take on Getting Back to the Bible

Dan’s post is pretty challenging. He says we should replace sermons for simply reading the text until we read through the whole new Testament one book each week. See what you think…Five steps to transform your church There are a few great things about this process. First, God’s word is heard in all of its […]

Do Church-goers Really Get Salvation? – Education

In a previous post I made the point that major points of Christian faith and doctrine are going untaught in our churches. I asked the question of whether or not church goers today really understood what salvation was really all about. The post closed with these words about education, “The only way people in the […]

Dan Edelen’s Post on Social Isolation

Eye opening post over at Cerulean Sanctum today on the ineffectiveness of social networking in creating actual connections between real people. Here is an exerpt, “My neighbor told me a few weeks ago that he bought his fifth-grade son a cell phone. As my neighbor is a bit of a Luddite and has resisted such […]