Sharing The Lord’s Supper Around Tables

Sunday nights at the building pose its own special set of issues. You can do a scaled down Sunday morning. You can just sing. Or you can try something outside of the box. Last year we had people tell their story. It was moving and I still remember much of what was said and the […]

Community Naturally Arises Out of BIG Events

One of the times our nation has felt the closest sense of community was in the days following 9/11. Flags were everywhere. People felt connected. Churches were jam packed. People needed to be together and they knew it. This is because of a pretty universal concept that community naturally arises out of big events. Today, […]

Community – Setting Expectations Too Low

A second realization that came from yesterday’s sermon on community was that I have expected too little from the members of our congregation. When I was initially coming up with some things that would motivate people to come to groups I noticed that we have gone to great lengths to remove as many barriers as […]

Giving Up on Creating Community

Last week I gave up on creating community. There it is. I said it. I can’t tell you how many books and how to’s I have read and heard on how to get it done. Over the last four years I have spent a whole lot of time trying to figure out how to create […]

Dealing with Loneliness

The only guy who had a right to feel lonely was Adam prior to God making Eve. I guess you might say Elijah after the Mt. Carmel incident but even with that God assured him there were people on his side. Genesis 2:18 says, “It is not good for the man to be alone. I […]

Facebook – The New Tool for Ministry

I have been amazed at how many of our 20s and 30s are on facebook. Seeing this trend I decided that I would see how well this social networking tool could be used to enhance existing ministries. I started a facebook group for our 20s and 30s aptly called Northwest 20s & 30s we got […]