What Should You Expect?

Watch this commercial. Stop it at 15 seconds and try to guess what it is a commercial for. Then watch the rest. Not what I expected! How about you? Whenever people visit a congregation seeking Jesus, what do they find? Do they find a people whose heart are set on God, a people transformed? Do […]

Tide to Go and the Talking Stain

This has to be one of the funniest commercials I have ever seen. Thank you Tide to Go and the Talking Stain. You made my day! What kind of awkward or embarrassing interview experiences have you had? When I interviewed at the University of Florida for the doctoral program in clinical and health psychology it […]

Google Likes Oreo Pizza + Kingdom Living

Somehow my post on Domino’s Oreo Pizza has ended up in the number one spot in the Google search for – Oreo Pizza Commercial and the number four spot under Oreo Pizza out of 1.6 million hits. That just cracks me up. Shouldn’t I get some kickbacks or something from Dominos? So just in case […]