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What Should You Expect?

Watch this commercial. Stop it at 15 seconds and try to guess what it is a commercial for. Then watch the rest. Not what I expected! How about you? Whenever people visit a congregation seeking Jesus, what do they find? Do they find a people whose heart are set on God, a people transformed? DoContinue Reading

Mac vs Pc Spoof We Did For Connect

Here is a video Joel and I did to plug our upcoming involvement event – Connect. Joel did a great job putting this together!Continue Reading

Skittles Commercial – The Skittles Touch

Continue Reading

SNL Video – Barack and Hillary Spoof on NBA Commercials

No matter who you are pulling for this video is worth a minute and fourteen seconds of your time. There Can Only Be One.Continue Reading

Tide to Go and the Talking Stain

This has to be one of the funniest commercials I have ever seen. Thank you Tide to Go and the Talking Stain. You made my day! What kind of awkward or embarrassing interview experiences have you had? When I interviewed at the University of Florida for the doctoral program in clinical and health psychology itContinue Reading

Honda and Chuck Norris

The new Honda Ridgeline Commercial had me in stitches. “Tough meets classy…” For more Chuck Norris jokes see here.Continue Reading

Google Likes Oreo Pizza + Kingdom Living

Somehow my post on Domino’s Oreo Pizza has ended up in the number one spot in the Google search for – Oreo Pizza Commercial and the number four spot under Oreo Pizza out of 1.6 million hits. That just cracks me up. Shouldn’t I get some kickbacks or something from Dominos? So just in caseContinue Reading

Domino’s Oreo Pizza Commercial – My favorite

And now for something completely different…Continue Reading


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