Andy Stanley – Liberating Your Organization

Andy Stanley tackles changing dysfunctional organizations in this DVD from Catalyst called Liberating Your Organization. He gives some really good nuts and bolts that can practically help leaders reclaim the direction and focus on a congregational level. This goes really deep into what the real issues of the organization are, how they really work, and […]

Best of Andy Stanley

I picked up a copy of the Catalyst: Best of Andy Stanley CD’s and it is extremely good. There are 6 full sessions, around an hour each, of Stanley talking leadership. It is biblical. It is powerful. It is helping me be a better person, learn about myself, and sit at the feet of one […]

Rob Bell on the 10th Commandment

Some really powerful and insightful words from Rob Bell at Catalyst regarding the 10th commandment (not to covet) and its application to ministries and ministers. Here is an excerpt from Out of Ur’s summary of his message, “Rob professed his amazement at Christian organizations that rank the most significant churches and organizations based on size. […]