Looking for Curriculum Contributors

I have talked about the Bible Class Archive quite a bit on the blog. I continue to search for material to add to the resources there. If you have written Bible classes material and would like to share them please email them to me – matthewdabbs@hotmail.com and I will do two things with it. 1 […]

Bible Class Archive Keeps Growing!

More lessons have been added to the archive of free Bible class materials. Thanks to all those who have contributed. Here are the current stats of what is in the archive: Lessons: 394 Pages: 1252 Series: 34 More to come! If you have some Bible class material you have written for your local congregation that […]

Bible Class Archive – More Additions

The Bible Class Archive of free Bible class curriculum stands at 999 pages and over 300 lessons! I just added a new lesson series in from Tim Archer on his book Letters from the Lamb. I will also be adding in several lesson series in the coming weeks by David Chadwell of the West-Ark Church […]