Janet Tavakoli and An Analogy for Our Current Economic Situation

“The dollar is weakening partly because of growing U.S. current account deficit. The United States used to produce more than it consumes, and the rest of the world owed us. We reached a turning point in 2006 and headed in the wrong direction. We started consuming more than we produce. We now shovel $2 bilion […]

Detroit Church Fasts and Prays for a Bailout for Automakers

The Greater Grace Temple in Detroit had a Sunday service devoted to God moving Congress to grant a bailout to the auto industry. With 3 SUV’s on the stage Charles Ellis organized a service to encourage members, many of whom have pensions from the auto industry and to pray that God would work things out. […]

What Would You Do With $700 Billion

Can you imagining mismanaging your small business to the point of failure. You mess up the books, don’t budget, and take major risks that don’t pan out. Your business fails and just as you are closing shop a check comes in the mail to let you know that you have been bailed out! Keep doing […]