The Golden Compass, the Magisterium, and Christianity

I wanted to make mention of something that I had not realized regarding the terminology used in the Golden Compass. I am sure this was already evident to many people. Paul Davis wrote, Actually, it is more than just a generic government, it appears from the movie that the “Magisterium” is the Government. They come […]

The Golden Compass – A Christian Review

Paul Davis did go to see the Golden Compass. See his review here. I want to mention a couple of reactions to his post. I have not seen the movie and so I say this cautiously. 1 – Paul believes that the group that is supposed to parallel the church more closely parallels the government […]

Beware of This Movie – Paul Davis

I received an email from Paul making me aware of his post on the Golden Compass. By his request, I am going to post the content here as well. I really appreciate what he has to say and think it warrants some discussion rather than sticking our heads in the sand. Paul’s post has generated […]