In January of 2019, on my 40th birthday I decided it was time to get intentional about discipleship. I had been working through my thoughts on this for months, even years but something changed. The sense of urgency and purpose toward both being a disciple and making a disciple has increased over the last several months.

It is time to engage in the discipling process. What is that exactly? I have some answers to that question (which will be provided in the links below) but I also understand that much of it will be worked out over time in conversation with other Christians.

The purpose of this page is to allow new people discovering this to start at the beginning rather than in the middle of the conversation. Please work through these in order, engage in the comments and I promise to do my best to respond to your thoughts, questions, etc as we go.

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Laying the Foundation

Welcome to the Discipleship Expedition!
Welcome to the journey! I hope you will start with this post and work your way through the posts below from here. Welcome!

My Discipleship Story
The more I talk with people the more similar our stories appear. It is important you know where I am coming from and for me to know where you are coming from. Please comment in this post to share your history with discipleship or lack thereof.

What Do We Mean By the Word Discipleship
It is important that we clearly define our terms. This post defines what I mean when I use the word “disciple” and “discipleship.” This won’t be the last post to define the terms. The terms will also be defined as we go. Download the parallel NIV/Greek New Testament list of “disciple” in the New Testament (299 times in 285 verses).

The Dangerous Side of Discipleship
There are many things that come to mind when it comes to discipleship that makes us think this might not be a great idea. It has a propensity for abuse. This post addresses those reservations and a path forward.

Rethinking “Calling” is Essential to Creating Discipleship Culture in Churches of Christ – Many of us grew up rejecting the idea of divine calling. In doing so we were undermining discipling culture without even knowing we were doing it. The result has been complacency and lack of growth in most of our churches. We need to reconsider “calling” and this post will help restart that conversation.

The 4,380,000 Step Plan for Discipleship – Jesus shaped his disciples every step of the way for three years. There is no get their quick plan. There is no five step plan. It is going to take discipline!

Jesus and Our Failures – Jesus calls imperfect people. If we were perfect we wouldn’t need a teacher and we wouldn’t need discipleship. This post looks at Jesus’ view of this 12 disciples and makes application to us.

One Step – how discipleship is done one step at a time. It is daily decisions and discipline. Discipleship requires focus.

Not everyone Jesus called followed him – Some people Jesus called made excuses to not follow him. What will you do?

Why Do the New Testament Letters Not Say More About Discipling?

Forming the Structure

Jesus’ Discipleship University – How did Jesus model for us how to structure discipleship processes? Read this post to find out.

Jesus’ First Move – The Call – It all starts here. Jesus didn’t just call them. He calls us today. Will you accept his call? Will you follow? Our rejection of the idea of calling goes hand in hand with our neglect of discipleship. Let the journey begin.