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Paul Answers the Five Most Basic Worldview Questions in Athens (Acts 17)

If you are unfamiliar with what worldview is…it is the underlying assumptions that we have formed that drive what we believe about the world. Some have called worldview the glasses we see the world through. Another way to look at it is our meta-narrative…the story that runs under all the other stories that we tellContinue Reading

Resources for Understanding Culture & Apologetics

I am working on a class that will help people understand culture, worldview and to understand how Christianity differs from the other major world religions. I have compiled some resources and thought the list might be helpful to others. Ministry in post-modern culture: Emerging Church by Dan Kimball Center Church by Tim Keller Deep &Continue Reading

What are the “Big”/”Tough” Questions of Life and Faith?

I am writing up a lesson series that is basically on apologetics. Part of this lesson series will deal with the “big” questions. What would you include in that list of the questions that people are really asking and that Christians should know how to answer?Continue Reading

Toy Story, Jonah and the Power of Narrative

Every Tuesday and Thursday morning, Jonah and I make our morning run to pre-school. On the way we often have some really profound conversations about life, God, and toys. He has this new habit of rolling down his window so he can stick his hand out to feel the wind. This morning, I told himContinue Reading


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