My post over at Wineskins

I posted today over at Wineskins about our story…I hope you find it beneficial Everyone Has a Story – the Prodigal Son and Identifying Your Metanarrative

Praying Scripture

I just posted something that will be of interest to some of you on praying scripture over at Wineskins — “Bono Gives us a Lesson on Praying the Psalms” Try out the exercise at the end of the post and see how it works for you.

List of November Wineskins’ Posts on How to Read the Bible

We had some excellent articles written at in November about the Bible. If you have a few moments you may want to look through any of these that interest you. Re-examining How We Read the Bible By Matt Dabbs Reading the Bible and the Bible Reading You By Josh Graves My Bible is Crowded […]

Wineskins Article on The Missing Ingredient

I am feeling like we lost our desperation in the church. We feel so self-sufficient. It is a shame that often people and groups have to be brought to their knees before they wake up. It is so much better to wake up before you get to that point…the truth is, we desperately need Jesus…we […]

What Is Your Church Passionate About?

I just posted an article over at Wineskins about the things that stir people up and what that reveals about our priorities. Have a read and feel free to comment! What is Your Church Passionate About?

Wineskins Re-design – We Need Your Feedback

Wineskins is getting and overhaul and we need your feedback. If you have a moment, go to the page and have a look at the various features. Let us know what you think by either commenting here, by my email or on the Wineskins facebook group! Very exciting times at Wineskins! There are the monthly […]

Wineskins’ June Theme Just Kicked Off

June’s theme over at Wineskins is “Our Weakness and God’s Power“. We will be discussing life and ministry in light of our weaknesses and God’s ability to use us in spite of our limitations. I look forward to the conversations that will happen this month and invite each one of you to read the articles […]