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Why I Left Legalism

The more I reflected on my spiritual journey the more I have realized that my legalism wasn’t rooted in the conservative nature of the churches I grew up in. I was more of a legalist than the preachers I grew up hearing. My legalism grew out of my own desire for assurance and certainty. ThisContinue Reading

What if Knowledge Wasn’t Enough?

I love to study. Reading and retaining information is my sweet spot. I believe God wants us to be in His word. I believe He wants us to seek out the truth from what He has revealed to us. To what end? It cannot be truth for truth’s sake or knowledge for knowledge’s sake. PaulContinue Reading

Our Problem Is Not How We Read the Bible…Our Problem is Something Deeper…Idolatry

I love learning. It is one reason I spent so much time in school. Memorizing information and regurgitating it wasn’t hard for me. Analyzing information and synthesizing things into coherent wholes also came easy for me. My propensity is to lean into my intellect. This makes the Church of Christ a natural fit for me.Continue Reading

Great News At Kingdom Living and Wineskins!

We have been working for some time on a hosting transition and I am excited to say it is now complete! This will make posting articles far easier to do than with our old host and I look forward to sharing more thoughts with you on this platform later this week and in a moreContinue Reading

My Last Day as the Preaching Minister At the Auburn Church of Christ

The last few months have been a whirlwind! There really isn’t anyway to overstate how true that is. So many changes, so many adjustments…too many to even begin to try to recount. It was 45 days ago today that we announced that I would be resigning as the preacher at the Auburn Church of Christ.Continue Reading

God’s Timing, Our Faith

When I told my elders I wanted 90 days before my resignation was final they came back with 45. And it was all God. I wanted 90 because that would give me time to get my ducks in a row with applying for non-profit for our new church plant, Backyard Church. 45 wasn’t going toContinue Reading

The Next Needed Shift on the Holy Spirit In Churches of Christ

The way we talk about the Holy Spirit today is far different than I remember it being 20+ years ago. Now, we acknowledge that the Spirit is alive and well…working in our world and in our lives. I have been very happy to see that shift take place. But we are still holding back. TheContinue Reading

Lipscomb University Lanier Center for Archaeology Hosts Free Virtual Reception Oct. 6

By Scott Sager & Scott Sager and Drew Bloodworth  Lipscomb University will celebrate the launch of its new Lanier Center for Archaeology at a special virtual reception on Tuesday, Oct. 6 at 7 p.m. CDT. Attendance is free, but registration is required to obtain a link to join the reception. Register here. This summer theContinue Reading

When God Does The Shaking Up, How Do We Respond?

Have you ever driven somewhere familiar that when you arrived at your destination you didn’t remember the drive? There are seasons of life where you just feel like you are getting through the day. In times like that we need a good shaking up! Have you ever driven at night, dangerously tired…veering a bit toContinue Reading

COVID Church Mixed Messages

Pre-COVID we had a message – church is done at church. We knew we are the church. We knew it wasn’t the building but we still conceptualized as church being done together at the building. Enter COVID19. Everyone stays home. Those who are of the persuasion that church happens at the building starting feeling aContinue Reading


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