The Wisdom of Making Complex Things Simple

Once you have read 5000 pages on the meaning of the gospel it is really easy to have a concept of the Gospel that is not easy to state in a simple manner much less share in a way others can share it. I cannot stress the importance of study nearly enough. Study is essential […]

Moving From Contemplating the Biblical Navel to Real Application

I am guilty of writing a bunch of thoughts, opinions, and various and sundry other ways of contemplating the biblical navel and end the discussion gaining little more than having thought about something a little more or with a slight nuance. How many of you feel your life has never been the same since reading […]

Gospel of John – Starting a New Class

We are going to start studying the Gospel of John in our 20s & 30s class starting tomorrow. I will probably end up posting a few things on it as we go. There are a couple of things that stand out from the very beginning. The biggest thing, of course, is the differences between John […]

How Archaeology Helps Us Understand Scripture

Archaeology plays a major role in how we understand the Bible. It is more than Indiana Jones style trips to far away lands in search of lost treasures or the holy grail. In a practical way, archaeology illuminates scripture as we come to understand the culture and language of the time in more precise ways. […]

Rediscovering God – Hearing it Again for the First Time

Philip Yancey wrote, “Strangely, rediscovery may strike a deeper chord than discovery.” (What’s So Amazing About Grace, 52). There are fewer books in the Bible that is more true of than the Psalms. Written over half a century and read now for three thousand years the psalms are valuable in the process of rediscovering God. […]

Knowledge + Service

Bible knowledge has sometimes been stressed over service but the two go hand in hand. One without the other is dead. You can know all about God but no matter how much you study, memorize, or even teach you don’t really know God until you respond with your heart through loving service. How many times […]

Familiarizing Ourselves with Biblical Culture

The following quote is from Peter C. Craigie in Ugarit and the Old Testament, “The Bible in not a difficult [book] to read…It was written for the ordinary person. But the modern reader faces a problem unknown to the original readers and hearers of the biblical message: the passage of time has imposed the gulf […]

The Resurgence Greek Project (aka – zhubert)

I wanted to mention an outstanding resource on the web. Zhubert, now called The Resurgence Greek Project is like having a powerful piece of Bible language software free on the web. He has laid out the entire new testament in greek with lots of nice roll over functions including individual word parsing, literal translation, etc. […]

Another Must See Bible Resource

Rob Bradshaw has done it again. Rob has done a lot of work putting the table of contents with links to the full texts of the Bible Translator online. If you do any translating you need to have a look here (See the post – Bible Translator’s Table of Contents) and here. Thanks Rob! Here […]