100,000 Lesson Downloads!

I am happy to say the small group and Bible class lesson downloads have surpassed the 100,000 mark! Thanks to everyone who has downloaded them, used them, shared them, etc. I am always happy to get emails of people giving feedback on using the lessons. To God be the glory!

Uploaded New Small Group Series – Being the Body of Christ

This series tackles what it means to be a community of faith. Who are we? What are we supposed to be doing? How do we form meaningful community? This series is meant to help people understand two things: identity and the resulting responsibility. Feel free to use this, share this, or do whatever you want […]

How To Write a Bible Lesson Someone Else Can Teach From

One of my primary responsibilities at Northwest has been to lead our small group ministry. As a part of that I have always been interested in finding good curriculum. The problem is, the really good material is often really expensive (especially if you have to buy it for each group) and that cost makes it […]

Looking For Your Small Group Lesson Series Suggestions

I have started working on a new small group lessons series on the “One Another” passages in the Bible. It made me wonder what series topics/texts you guys would be most interested in doing if you could just pick something. So fire away in the comments with suggestions for future small group series. If there […]

Wanting Your Input on a New Series of Small Group Lessons

I am writing the next set of curriculum for 2013 for our small groups. It is going to be called “Dealing with Life’s Difficulties” and will break down into three main categories: Dealing with difficult situations Dealing with difficult decisions Dealing with difficult people This is going to be intensely practical. I would like to […]