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If You Could Learn Sermon Prep From Any Preacher Who Would It Be?

If you could sit down with someone to glean some information on how they develop their sermons who would you pick? Feel free to name multiple people.Continue Reading

Gordon Fee’s Admonition to Preachers – Don’t Become “Professional”

Another post from Listening to the Spirit in the Text by Gordon Fee. Fee’s admonition is on the danger of ministers getting out of touch with God and their task becoming routine and “professional” rather than seeing ministry as a spiritual and vibrant activity, “I regularly tell students: Have the touch of God on yourContinue Reading

Fine Line Between Radical Faith And Legalism

There has recently been a big push for Christians to get more radical about their faith. The big thing that is being preached more and more is that if you are radical, you will radically follow the commands of God. That is a good move. It is a biblical move (John 14:15). We have hadContinue Reading

Balance in Jesus’ Preaching & Teaching

I was reading some selections of Jesus’ teachings in the Gospels and it struck me as to how much variety of purpose and content Jesus had in his preaching. Sometimes he encouraged. Other times his purpose was to challenge. Still other times he was out rebuking people. He also motivated, praised God, informed, corrected, andContinue Reading

Who Is Your Favorite Theologian, Preacher, and Worship Leader?…Why?

Let’s really build some people up who have made an impact in your life. There is so much negativity that floats around out there in the internet…let’s hear some positive praise for those who come to mind for you. So who is your… 1 – Favorite Theologian 2 – Favorite Preacher 3 – Worship LeaderContinue Reading

Josh Ross Salt Talks 2013 Audio

John Ross at the 53rd Ave Church of Christ in Bradenton just posted the audio of their annual SALT talks with Josh Ross. Four of the six sessions have been uploaded. I realize some of you guys are familiar with Josh and might like to hear the audio. If you aren’t familiar with Josh, itContinue Reading

Harding Digitizes Jim Bill McInteer Sermons

Thanks to Harding University for digitizing this huge collection of Jim Bill McInteer sermons! Here are the links Digital Audio from the 1970s-2000s Sermon Outlines Thanks to Mark Adams for pointing this outContinue Reading

Win the Culture War, Lose the Soul – Who Gives the Labels?

In the Intrusive Word, Willimon tells the story of Duke Chapel holding a panel discussion on “The Church and Homosexuality” where a student came up to him after the discussion, told him he was a “baptized Episcopalian” and asked why there weren’t any homosexuals on the panel. Willimon asked him why that would matter. HisContinue Reading

Marshall Keeble Quotes

I recently read a biography of Marshall Keeble called His Hand and Heart: The Wit and Wisdom of Marshall Keeble by Willie Cato. Keeble was a respected and well known preacher in Churches of Christ 50 years ago. He was an African American preacher during the time of segregation and seemed to be able toContinue Reading

Mark Love Gives Some Preaching Advice Worth Taking

I just read Mark Love’s post entitled, “A Word (or two) to Young Preachers” where he gives five and one half things young preachers should consider in regard to their preaching. If you preach you should read this whether you are young or old. The first two were his best. It boils down to don’tContinue Reading


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