Daily Prayer Prompts For Mission and Making Disciples

I have complied a single page list of prayer prompts from two sources and added a list of my own. One is the prompts from Shodankeh Johnson from Sierra Leone. That movement has grown like wildfire. The second are prayers against the 7 most common obstacles to movements in America. The last list are my […]

“Prayer is the Strategy”

I don’t know who I first heard say this. Maybe it was Shodankeh Johnson…but the point is spot on. Often we make strategy without praying. How proud do we have to be to even attempt that? Yet I can say that it is common in my life and common in the church. Shame on me! […]

Prayer Guide for January 2023

Prayer is one of the most important things we can do. Each year our church starts off with a month to 40 days of prayer. I would like to share the January 2023 prayer guide with you and invite you to pray along with us as we start a new year. Here is the link […]

We Meet God on the Dance Floor Of Prayer

What if we really prayed about just about everything? What if we so relied on God’s help that we had something to say to him in any situation? You might only do this if you think God is talking. Who listens to someone you don’t think is speaking? In every situation there is something we […]

I Had No Idea How Powerful Prayer Really Is…

I cannot claim to fully understand the power of prayer. Obviously it is God’s power not prayer’s power…the power that is brought to bear on a situation that wouldn’t have been otherwise. That God is awaiting our faith response of prayer…he is awaiting the conversation before he makes his move. It is hard to understand […]

New Resource: 40 Days of Prayer Videos

I want to make you aware of a resource we are producing for our church plant – 40 Days of Prayer. We just knew after a rough 2020 that we had to start 2021 in prayer…there was no question about it. So we assembled people to do short videos, 1 each day, for 40 days. […]

40 Days of Prayer Begins Tomorrow

Backyard Church’s 40 days of prayer begins tomorrow! You are welcome to pray right along with us. Here is a link to the daily prayer guide that will give you a list of 10 topics (4 specific prayers per topic) and a daily scripture to go along with it! Feel free to download the guide, […]

Changing My Approach to Prayer As a Disciple of Jesus

After 40 years on this earth prayer is finally starting to make sense. It made sense in one way all these years – yes I can talk with God. Yes God hears. I can thank God and ask God for things. I can pray praise to God, etc. I have understood those things as well […]