Conversation on President Obama, Gay Marriage and Christianity (Part 3)

This is the third and final part. I would love to hear your thoughts after reading all three. Matt: Christianity struggles with extremes. There have been voices that have said Christians should have everything to do with politics and other voices who say Christians should have nothing to do with politics. Is there a healthy […]

Win the Culture War, Lose the Soul

I hear this a lot these days. Christians are fighting the wrong fight. They saw we have gotten distracted and missed the point. We have engaged the wrong “enemy” with the wrong tactics. They say we might just win the culture war but at the expense of winning many souls to Christ.  Rachel Evans recently […]

Q & A With A Faith of Our Own Author Jonathan Merritt

Jonathan Merritt has been kind enough to address a couple of questions about his book A Faith of Our Own that was reviewed in the previous post. I appreciate his openness and willingness to take time to respond. You mentioned how refreshing it is to have participated in the Cross Pointe church plant. The vast […]

Eye Popping Numbers Regarding Our National Debt

I don’t usually do politics here but this is more fiscal responsibility than it is politics or picking sides. Remember the old debt ceiling debate back in July? One of the solutions was to form a Super committee of people to decide on how to cut 1.2 trillion dollars from our deficit in 10 years. […]

My Political Rant In Light of All The Washing Debt Hoopla

Rant begins… I don’t normally mention politics here on the blog but since this gripe is aimed at both parties and the president I guess I felt I wasn’t really taking sides in writing this as much as pointing out a problem that should have been fixed a long, long time ago. As you well […]

Postmodernism and the Death of Political Parties

I think the two party system will be dead in twenty years and replaced by something that better reflects the worldview of today’s Americans. There are several characteristics of our culture that lead me to that conclusion: Postmoderns aren’t concerned for clear-cut and well defined groups that have to fit a particular mold. They are […]