Jonah at 17 Months

Here are some new pictures of Jonah from the last month. It is amazing to watch him grow and learn. At St. Pete Beach Yes, he is wearing a diaper… With his Easter bunny his grandma got him Dressed up for church on Easter In dad’s undershirt Peeking on the playground at GCCS What he […]

Random Jonah Pics

Just thought I would share a few cute and funny pictures of Jonah. He is 14th months old now! How time flies. Most of these are from 13 months. The Dabbs family outside the Fisch’s house Jonah in his Halloween costume. Speaks for itself…so cute! No worries…toilet was not yet installed. Just thought it would […]

Latest Paver Project Pictures

This is my third paver project. I did this for a friend a couple of weekends ago. We had to make a path in front of his houseĀ  for about 60 feet and then swing it through his gate. We hit the gate dead center. We should have started at the gate and worked our […]

Jonah Updates

For those of you who have said there is not enough Jonah on the blog, this one goes out to you! Jonah is 6 months old and has learned lots of neat tricks over the last month or so. He is rolling over like crazy. If he sees something across the room that he wants […]